How's this ,

Goodnight friends it’s way past my bedtime I hope you all have sweet dreams :)

Anonymous asked: wait so... are u a bottom?

Anonymous asked: I could stare into your eyes for hours and everything would fall into place and my life would be fine because I was looking into perfection.

i’m really sleepy rn so you’ll have to stare at my sleeping


jacking off probably

i’m listening to sia while my humidifier runs on high so everything is misty and i’m a lil sleepy oooo this is so spooky

Anonymous asked: Spank me daddy

I do not support physical abuse as a form of parenting



it’s so cute how 5 seconds of summer named themselves after their career span



ngl i used to run like naruto everywhere in 6th grade. but we live and we learn

i still run like naruto everywhere idgaf i don’t have time to waste letting wind resistance slow me down uwu

puta—porfavor replied to your post: anonymous said:How do you feel ab…

or maybe the cop from teenwolf

oh that makes a lot more sense u are probably right (i’m behind so i have no opinion on him he was annoying from what i can recall)


our saviour walks among us


how douchey is this but honestly finally after like 30 years I’m starting to see some results 

Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Parrish??

are you referring to the 1958 novel, the 1961 film based on that novel, the city in Florida, or the east coast rapper better known as PMD

it’s a shame that the baby on the over of nevermind grew up to be another boring white boy


the top always has to text the bottom first 

are you patiently waiting for a text from someone, josh?